Unfinished Rap – Finding Dory

meticulous progeny, comparable fits the odyssey, in modesty,
aeolus projects straight to sodomy, junket shot to a paradise for you and me
link to fetter better the pleasure that stirrin me and she
roused by the concept of capricious idiosyncracies
count on a countenance confessing, counting colliding concupiscent riding and riding
til she ridin home in silence, pinin,
sighin, contemplating, chewin over same as i am

but who could ever really know?
vertiginous whims, should i sink or i should swim or maybe find a river boat?
the dory disposition say to perservere within, exist with time but remain in the present
forsaken cognizance in the sense of spent events

the palette surgeon’s fishin up some real life cents,
evince expression of terrestrial digression so we can see our providence
belief i see that we suspend when display present so obvious man how can we pretend that this whole time and my whole life, this shit was not in front of line of sight
liable our just cause was, ty

so thankfully and ardently i hope you bless the art in me
so i can sail the seven seas immeasurably
testing every feat i meet, no matter species
embarking on the sharks that dory, she provided me
i will find nemo, no matter what i found him inside of me
watching since i was only child tee
polishing the psyche spontaneously
and who would think that one could sink without watching pixar and disney?

this shit, i get it, i try to think religious
idolater creature with speech that preach nietzche
impeach the prospect which cheats will to power
to greet the prophet who speaks freely


Author: learningstages

Follow me into this road of the unknown. A process of self-exploration in the form of a goofy Asian kid.

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