Who You?

Hi, it’s me, TJ. I’m a kid from Rockford, Illinois that moved to Portland, Oregon in the fall of 2014. I moved here to continue my life journey in becoming a cultivated individual and intellectual. I am currently a student at Portland State University and am pursuing a bachelors degree in Psychology. In my freetime, I am usually working on something: a guitar part, story/animation ideas, lyrics, rap, instrumental beats, or even a book I’ve picked up. Things you should know about me are that I have a lot of flaws and weaknesses and that I am trying to understand and nurture those traits to positivity  in my own lifestyle. I find in myself characteristics that are unappealing to my desires and I hope to fine-tune my behavior to one which  matches my value system……….. I plan to use this blog as more of a journal or diary than I do a blog which is geared towards one particular subject. Welcome along to the inner dialogue of my conscious.