A seed, planted

An exploration of healthy yields. A model of the farmer in which I strive to become.


Everything is a seed. From actions to ideas, dynamics to conversations, nouns to adjectives, and everything in between, all have some capacity for growth, but not all exhibit the potential to embark fruition.
It is the role of both the farmer and mother nature to ensure that the quality of produce is not only one of value and wealth, but also one of wholesome health.
It is then that the farmer must be aware, so that they can separate their robust crops from their nocuous counterparts.
It is the farmer who is patient and attentive who gains the most when it is close to the time for harvest.
And it is the hasteful and inconsiderate farmer who bare the most callow of fruit.
Despite initial intentions in yielding “good” fruit, these farmers lack the level of care and concern in which it takes to allow the healthiest of plants to flourish.
It is true, some seeds are able to grow and flourish naturally – untouched by the hand of man or woman.
And some farmers unexpectedly stumble upon such fruit and eat well for some time being.
But they must find true personal insight in experimentation and a thirst for learning from their failures in order to truly be able to expect a better batch than their last.
The patient farmer is the ideal partner to the best crop, as the two interact on a deep and personal level.
As such, it is only the patient farmer who thoroughly understands and appreciates the adventure of cultivation, exhibiting the ultimate sense of support and attention towards any seed they find potential in.
It is only the farmer who is armed with knowledge and experience, and who acts with deliberation, consciousness, and mindfulness, that can cultivate with ease.
It is the farmer who acknowledges the threat of spontaneity, and is prepared to take action in the case of natural disasters which may antagonize the well-being of their plants.
The patient farmer embraces the struggle of hardships, as they understand that this struggle can lead to strength and growth in areas that they would not have seen otherwise.
That is why the patient farmer is so patient.
After planting a new seed, they can not help but to realize the freshness displayed and the questionable certainty of growth surrounding it.
That is why the patient farmer is there every step of the way, so that they are able to accompany and nourish every one of their seeds with a strong sense of compassion and love.
And it is this extra quality and level of attention which encourages care and concern.
And it is the patient farmer’s quality of attention which distinguishes the most plentiful farmers from those bearing the poorest of fruit.
The patient farmer is not successful simply because they performed the right motions at the right time, it is deeper than that.
The patient farmer is successful because they have full acceptance towards the equipment they acquired in their time, and has taken a master mindset because of it.
And it is because of this, that the patient farmer has true control over their crops.